Electrical engineer 233311 with 65 points - 189 - 70 points


I would like to know what my chances are of receiving an invite.
I graduated end of last year and have been working full time for about a year or so. I have also scored very high on my PTE.
I am currently sitting on 70 points, which was taken into effect on 16-04-2019.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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At this time, the invites are sent for 23311 with 80 points. The points requirement may come down starting July 2019.

But, realistically, i suggest to increase points to 75.

Hello Anil,

Hope you are doing well.
My EOI has been submitted on 22 October, 2018 for Electrical Engineer 233311 with 70(65+5) points for 190 visa. I applied for NSW and now 5 month finish.

Could you tell me when can I expect my invitation based on your knowledge and experience?
Wait for your kind reply

As per my estimate, chances are low for 190 invite with 65+5 points.

Have you filed for 189 visa or not?

Hi Anil

What are the realistic chances of an invite for ANZSCO 233311 (Electrical Engineer) under SC 190 for a total score of 65 points (55 + state 5 + spouse 5).

Hi @rajewa
Electrical engineer with 65 points for state 190 has very low chance of invite.
I suggest to increase points to at-least 70 for any realistic chance.

Hi, I would like to know realistic chances of invite with 70 points for 189 and 75 for 190 under 233311 Electrical Engineer. I filed EOI on 14th June,2019.


Hi @salam2019

You will have good chance of invite in Sep 2019 draw. My estimate may change based on July 2019 draw as new reduced quota is expected in July.

Hi Anil,
Can you tell me how and what you’re basing your estimate on?
Also, so now with 70 points for 189 electrical engineering has a good chance? (Mine was done back in April 2019)


@ Jawad
Hi Jawad , did you receive the invite ? are you with 70 points for 189
What about 190. Did you also submit EOI for 190 with 70+5 points


Hi @salam2019

I have 70 points for the 189 visa and no, I have not received an invite, hence why I am asking here.

I didn’t submit any other applications.


Did you receive invite in recent 11th July draw.
Do you know anybody who got invite on 11th July draw with 70 for 189 and 75 for 190 .



Hi Anil. With last 11th July invitations, can we be optimistic to get the invite for 189 with 70 points or 190 with 75 points for 233311 Electrical Engineer code.my EOI was on 14th June,2019.


Hi @salam2019

I don’t think 70/75 points have realistic chance of invite until Jan 2020 yet.
We have to see the trend in next draws too.

What is about the PhD streamlined pathway for VIC with 65+5 points? does it have a different criteria for PhD or it is just allowing me to be eligible to apply without any different in comparison with other applicants?

hi this is harry. applied eoi on 9th july 2019 on 70+5 points for nsw 190 as electrical engineering drafsperson 312311. when can i expect invitation. thanks no special condition in this occupation, so any idea for invitation. thanks

Hi @harry

Chances look low at this time. It may improve by November.

I am new to this firm but have been reading through and it has already been an informative platform!

I have a query as such,I am planning to apply for 189 as an electrical engineer (233311) and I have 70 points at the moment. I am confused if I should apply now or wait till November for the new rules and claim 10 points for single applicants and then apply at 80!

Is there any chance of invitation in either case?

Any advices and answer relating to this would be of great help!

Many thanks


Hi @Ruska_Tuladhar

There is no use of waiting till November. If you are ready, you should create the EOI now.

Your points will automatically increase in November as the new point system kicks in.

There is no chance of invite with 70 points at this time.

@Anil.Gupta Thanks you much, really appreciate for answering my query.
I am planning to apply the soonest but is there any chance after November update at 80 points?
Have been hearing that any application before 85 will not be entertained. Really worried about that!