Eligibility for Global Talent Visa (Australia)

Dear All,

Request your expert opinion on the eligibility for Global Talent Visa (Australia):

  1. Having 14+ yrs of experience into software development/R&D with reputed US firm
  2. Qualification- BTech + Mtech
  3. Awarded a US Patent
  4. Having multiple awards/recognition from org where working presently
  5. Having global exposure & have been to multiple times to US/Brazil for short term projects
  6. based out of India
  7. Earning- 120K AUD (converted INR to AUD) by removing variable components of salary like shares etc. if we include them then it is beyong 150K AUD
  8. Having a nominator who has been senior collegue into same sw industry.

Basis the above pointers, pls suggest your opinion on eligibility. Also kindly advise whether adding professional details of spouse give any additional edge as my spouse is into cybersecurity which is another GTI category & having strong credentials.


You can definitely submit your EOI and wait for the UID. Submitting EOI is free of cost, so don’t hesitate. Also, your spouse’s profile wont give you an extra edge in GTI Nomination. In fact, if he also meets the criteria then he should submit his separate EOI as well. No harm in trying.
Wish you luck!!

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Thanks @negi for quick response.