Emergency travel to india Without stamping

Hello Kalpesh,

My husband might have to travel India from US on emergency. He has H1B approved until 2026 but he has no stamping.

Could you please advise what is the best possible options available for him to get his stamping quickly before he travels.

Sailaja Prakash

Unfortunately not many options. Unless he already have visitor visa for Canada or Mexico and appointment is available immediately, the only other option is to find a dropbox slot in India.

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Thank you Kalpesh. Luckily we got dropbox appointment in Chennai. Any idea how long does it take to get the passport back after we drop off the docs. Thanks, Sailaja Prakash

Anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks if no 221g.

Thanks Kalpesh.
On what basis they are issuing 221g? We have valid I797 approved till 2025 and employee confirmation letter. Please advise. Thanks, Sailaja Prakash