Employer Not providing a approval copy of I-140

My I-140 approval is approved with my current employer, I completed six months of my I-140 approval - I’m planning to change my employer but my current employer not giving the copy of my approval copy. I’ve only receipt number of I-140, without approval copy can I transfer my H1-B with new employer?

And I have got a couple of other question - is there any chance of my current employer can revoke my I-140 after six months of approval?
If current employer not providing the I-140 - is there any other option to get the copy of I-140 from a different source?

Can the employee utilize the I-140 approval for the further GC processing (assuming an employee has no proof of I-140 approval, though in fact I-140 has been approved)?

File H1B transfer with approved i140 Receipt number

You can use your approved i140 receipt number to file H1b transfer or extension after 6 year quota has exhausted.

Employer withdraw i140 after 180 days

Your employer can file for withdrawal of i140 when you leave them but USCIS will not revoke it if you have stayed with them for at-least 180 days after the i140 approval.

You are fine to keep using this approved i140 for H1B extensions.

Request i140 Information from USCIS Directly

You can request your i140 information directly from USCIS using FOIA service.

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