Employment dates in DS160

I am filling in the previous employment details in DS160. My H1B validity with my current employer starts from 08/24/2021 to 08/23/2024 but my actual employment start date with the current employer was 08/31/2021 and my last work day with my previous employer(with valid I797) was 08/30/2021

What should be the last working date for the previous employer that needs to be mentioned on DS160? Is it ok to mention the last date as 08/30/2021 on DS160 with the previous employer provided that H1B was transferred to the current employer and a valid I797 with the previous employer? Or last date should be before (08/23/2021) the H1B start date with the current employer i.e. 08/24/2021

Thank You

@anil_am22 tagging you, in case you missed my previous message.

Employment details should match the actual start and end dates and not the H1B i797.

H1B is just work authorization and may or may not match the start and end dates.