End Client Change before stamping


My h1b petition was approved in 2020 for an in-house project with an MNC. That project was completed and I changed my client recently. I am planning to attend the visa interview for the first time.

My LCA that was filed during petition has no client details on it as it was an in-house project and work location as my employer office. Even now I am going to work for the new client from my employer location only. Do I need a new LCA or amendment before I go for visa stamping? Will this change in end client after petition approval and before stamping creates any trouble at the time of interview?

Please suggest.

New LCA and amendment to H1B is required only if there is a material change like location (to a different MSA) , significant changes in job role/duties etc. You must consult your employer’s immigration lawyer to find out if any material changes apply specific to your job changes.

This should be okay however you must carry all required documents for interview or dropbox including the client letter, contracts etc. Again your immigration lawyer should be able to guide you re: the same.

Best way to handle any questions from VO is only provide information that is being asked. Your answers should be to the point, no less no more information then requested.

Canadian PR process should not affect H1B as they are processes of two different countries.

You can apply for as many PR as you want for as many countries as your want. Its your choice.

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Thank you very much for the response. Will the visa officer know that I have applied for Canada PR because both U.S. and Canada share info. Also, could you please suggest how to tackle the situation if the officer asks about this.

Please help.

Why do you want to hide if they ask? Just tell the truth.

I am afraid that officer may think I have less ties with my home country and given a chance I will also try to settle in USA which eventually may affect my approval chance.

H1B is considered a dual intent visa.

For first timer there will be no pay stubs & W2. Your H1B petition (I-129) and LCA will have the information on your job role/duties. Consult your employer’s immigration lawyer to get a comprehensive list of documents as it applies to your case.