Entering US with visa extension stamp

Hi I have a quick question. My current h1b expires on sep 30th 2023. I have already received my extension which starts from Oct 1st. I am planning to go to India in July for stamping. Will I be allowed to enter USA before my new visa extension start date which is oct 1st? I never had an h1b stamp. I came to US on L1 and changed to H1b visa. This is going to be my first stamping. I currently have valid i797. @anil_am22 could you please help. Thanks!

If you don’t have a valid H1B visa stamp in the passport, then you will need to get it from US embassy in India.

Once you get it, you will be allowed to enter the US.

Yes thats the plan. I will be going for stamping. But my new visa (extension) starts from oct 1st. Will i be able to enter US in July after the stamping? Remember my current h1b which expires on Sep 30 does not have a stamp. Will the new stamping allow me to enter in July? @anil_am22