Environment Research Scientist - 234313

My spouse has submitted EOI on March 14, 2019 with 70pt for Environment Research Scientist-234313.

The government has enlisted the occupation list from 11th march,2019.

My ACS skill assessment is on process and it will take 2 months at least to get the result and add to 5pt to my spouse so that total point will be 75pt .

How long it will take to get invitation on 189 on Anzsco-234313 before IELTS going expired in June 2019?
or Is there any possibility to get invitation from any state nomination?

Please let us know if anybody applying in the field of Environment.
Thank you in advance.

There is no invite trend data available at this time as the occupation code has just been added.

But, as per my estimate 70 points are good to get an invite for 189 PR visa. You can expect an invite within 1-2 months.

Thank you for the reply. Hoping for the best.

Hi Anil,

We submitted our last EOI last year march 2018 and again we continued same EOI and submitted on March 2019 with 70pt under 234313.

Today, i got my Skill Assessment and outcome is positive. Now, after adding partner 5pt,the total point beomes 75pt for 189, 80pt for 190 . The federal government has enlisted the occupation list 234313 from last march 2019 but the state government has not yet enlisted . So there is less chance to get invitation from state nomination.

Should i create new EOI with 75pt for 189 so that there is higher chance of invitation?
Should i create separate EOI for 189 and separate for 190?

I am just worried that IELTS is going to expire on June 2019 which will decrease 10pt.
Is there any chance to get invitation until June 2019.

Please share your opinion.

Thank you.

There is no need to create a new EOI for 189 if you have selected both 189 and 190 options in your current expression of Interest.

You should be able to get an invite by June 2019 with 75 points.

Thank you for your opinion.

Hi Biman, can I pm you for your experience in skill assessment?

Hi AloOla,

Sure. Are you also from Environment faculty?

Hi Biman,

I am also from Environmental Specialization. However, I am very new in this PR system and in starting point. It would be great if you can share your Whatsapp number as I have some clarifications to discuss.

Looking forward for your earliest reply.

Hi Anil,

My profile is matching in the above anzo codes of Environmental Engineer and Environmental Research Scientist. Basically I hav done B. Tech in MS in Environmental Engineering and I am yet to write PTE.

My initial Assessment score is 70 with 190 state nomination. Can you pls suggest in how many months I can get Invite?

Second Question is as I have done B.Tech then I Should do my kill assessment in Engineers Australia or ACS.
In your forums you have not mentioned anything about the procedure of skill assessment
from Engineers Australia and their Docs requirements with experience letter formats.

It will be great, if you can share me these details and process as I am very new in this.


Hi @Piyush123123

I suggest to increase your score to at-least 75 in 190 and 70 in 189 to have any realistic chance of invite.

I do not have a write up on Engineers Australia Assessment process.

The assessment agency name has to be chosen based on the ANZSCO code. You can find the agency name here by searching with ANZSCO code.

Hi Anil

Thanks for your reply. Yes Agency name is mentioned as Engineers Australia.

Yes My score will be 75 in 190 and 70 in 189 until October 18. After that I am losing 5 points. So are there any chances that I will get the invite, if I launch my EOI in starting Aug.

Now a days In how many days Engineers Australia outcome is coming for skill assessment.

As you mentioned that you do not have any write up for Engineers Australia. Can you pls share any link or where I can get the details and formats of experience letters.

Thanks for your help.


Hi @Piyush123123

The chances of invite will be defined by new quota that opens in July 2019. I will be in a better position to estimate an invite after July 2019 draw.

I do not have a trusted write up to share at this time for Engineers Australia.

Hi Piyush,

I normally use viber but you can send me email on "jazbids2019@gmail.com".


Hi Anil,

For skill assessment from Engineers Australia… while mentioning the date of completion of B.Tech which date shall I mention… like in my B.tech degree its mentioned we hereby award the degree of B.Tech on his having passed the examination for said degree held in May 2008…But the on the degree itself down below degree printed date is mentioned i.e. 30th Jan 2009.

So which date to be mentioned on date of completion.

Degree award date is 30th jan 2009 but I passed my degree in May 2008 only… and I started working in an Company from July 2008… So If i mention date of degree awarded then I will lose experience period from July 2008 to 30th Jan 2009.

Pls suggest

Hi @Piyush123123

You can write the date of last examination.