Environmental Research Scientist Or Univ Lecturer Plus other questions!


My cousin is considering relocating to Australia with his family, and his wife is the primary applicant due to her qualifications. She holds a Ph.D. and Masters in Environmental Science and has been teaching at a university.

However, there are a few points that require clarification

Firstly, which visa should they apply for? Is the 189 visa suitable, or is there another option? Currently, they have 65 points, but they plan to retake the IELTS exam to increase their score to 75 points.

Additionally, what ANZSCO occupation should she apply for? I initially thought of Environmental Research Scientist - ANZSCO 234313, but since she is primarily teaching rather than conducting research, this may not be the best fit. According to the 202111 Information Sheet - Environmental Research Scientist.pdf (vetassess.com.au), the main tasks do not align with her current role. What would be her chances of getting invite or maybe try ANZSCO for University lecturer

FYI, I am a permanent resident in WA, and while I would prefer them to settle in WA, it is not a strict requirement.