EOI 80 points under 189 , 85 for 190 , anzco code: 261313 , spouse applying for CDR to add extra 5 points..what is the scope of getting invitation

Dear All ,

i have scored 75 points and later my spouse has written PTE and added 5 points .so as of now : EOI applied on May 2020 with 80 points under 189 , 85 for 190 , anzco code: 261313 . Spouse applied for CDR as he is in telecom domain (but not sure about the outcome from Engineers Australia ) , so cant consider those points now.

so , with above points --will i get invitation for PR?? is there anything else that can be done from my end apart from waiting or hoping :slight_smile: ,



It would be good if you can increase your points in total (NAATI/ PTE-Superior score/Spouse skill & English), that will improve your chances but again nobody can guarantee.
No one can predict invites but seeing the trend of DHA for 189, only 90+ points are being invited since the last 5-6 months.

For 190, the nomination program is closed for now. They will start inviting people only after receiving the Migration Quota from Gvt during the Annual Budget which is in Oct, 2020.
But you need to see for which all states your job code is eligible for 190. I’m guessing you are offshore, so that might make you ineligible for a few states because currently most of the states have an additional criteria of being onshore/having onshore exp in nominated occupation.

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Thanku pooja for the detailed info , i already have max points from PTE perspective. .so i think its just then in hanging state now.

You can try for NAATI. It can now be done online from your home country. That will give you additional 5 points. With 80 points for 189, the waiting time will be very long with no guarantee of even receiving an invite. Try to increase your points wherever you can.
I was at 85 points (ANZSCO Code- 2544, RN) for 190 and waited for 9 months to get an invite. The moment I touched 90 points, I received the invite for 190-VIC within 5 days. So, play your cards if you do have the option.

Wish you luck!

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Thanku pooja , it will be of great help if you can provide further info about NAATI and your experience on it and also any other links.

Thanks again.

I haven’t written NAATI so can’t really tell you about the exam pattern and other stuff. Few of my friends have written the exam (for their native languages) and have successfully passed the exam, thus adding +5 points in their EOI. Here is a link, I think that will answer your questions.


The more points you have, the lesser is the waiting time. So go for it. :+1:

Also, there is a NAATI thread on this page. Sharing the link. You can read about people’s exp/opinions on that.

Thank u so much Pooja , it means a lot to me and giving a hope. :slight_smile:

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Hi pooja, am trying to book NAATI exam from India, but its saying as access forbidden. any idea on this?

Sorry, No Idea. Maybe contact the customer Care of NAATI CCL.

ya ill write to them. lets see …thanku pooja :slight_smile:

It’s a temporary issue and looks to be resolved now. You may check again.

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Thanks a lot rateesh.

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hi Ratheesh ,

In process of applying for NAATI, it asked me for passport or some govt proof id and i have uploaded Indian passport (along with blank pages) and attached photograph with specifications mentioned , but not exact …do u see any loop holes in this as i have submitted more than 9 days.

Thank you.

Hello Sripadha,
We’ve done the same passport as proof for my wife. It’s accepted. Did you get any update by now ? I missed to see for your message.

Hi Rateesh , no update received till date …I mailed them twice and the only reply I get is that : application is under processing …

Oh okay. What I heard recently is, they’ve cancelled bookings of October 1 and asked them to reschedule the test on other dates due to their online platform change planned. Not sure your application is also delayed by this reason. All the best !

Thanku Rateesh , just received mail about confirmation to appear for test and all the dates i see are in Feb 2021. so planning to book the same.

It will be grt if u can share the preparation methodology of ur wife for the exam or any helpful links … ( as u know , fee is pretty much high and cant afford multiple attempts :slight_smile: )

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Sure Sripadha. We’re still awaiting the result. If we get positive result, definitely will share the links and other info which she followed.

Regarding date, you can select Feb’21. But you can prepone that anytime when you see available dates later.

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Thanku and best of luck…pls do keep us posted.

Hi Ratheesh, can you please confirm whether we can take the online test outside Australia also?. I am an Indian citizen ,now working in Qatar and I too wanna take the test from Qatar. Is it possible? And also if I book now and do the payment, will it ask my location and reject if not applicable. Because I dont want to do the payment and lose the amount if I cannot take the exam from my location. Please reply… Thanks in advance.