EOI for 189 visa expiring, should I suspend or withdraw before starting a new one?

I just got an automated email from Skillselect saying that my EOI expires in a month. I had updated it in March 2022 and the initial submission was May 2020. I am confused by the automated email as to whether I should withdraw or suspend my current EOI before I can get a new date. Or is March 2022 considered the new date of my EOI? I do not see any option to submit a new EOI.
I appreciate any info on that.

You should be able to create a new EOI once this one expires.

Thanks for the reply. For the sake of others with the same question, here are two things I learned:

  1. Date of EOI is valid for 2 years irrespective of the date of effect! So my EOI expires in May 2022 even though date of effect is March 2022.
  2. One can go to the main Skillselect page and start a new application even when the current one has not expired. This is possible because they use EOI ID rather than email to log in. So instead of logging in, we just start a whole new application using any email (and a different EOI number is automatically generated).
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