EOI for 80 points for General Accountant

What are chances for invitation if someone has filed EOI state nomination for General Accountant profile with 80 Points?

Chances are low for an invite at this time. The points requirement will come down starting July 2019 and then, you will have good chance with 80 points for General Accountant.

Thanks for the prompt reply!.

I just checked again and found that my profile also matched ANZSCO code 132211: Finance Manager. Can I go for reassessment for this profile with CPAA (Assessing authority) and file EOI again.

Moreover, already have skilled assessment done in General Accountant category. I think one person’s profile can fall under more than 1 skilled occupation.

You can file a new EOI with new ANZSCO code and new assessment.

Hi Anil
I applied for PR subclass 189 which is just withdrawn by Australian Embassy. I have total of 75 points for Australian PR. What do I need to do. Should I wait until 16 Nov 2019 for new visa type… Please help

Hi @Tarun_Gupta

I do not understand your question. What do you mean by withdrawn?
Did you file for General Accountant?

I already filed my EOI for Sub class 189 in January 2019 for General Accountant with 80 points and 85(state sponsorship) but still not received any invitation. Looking to understand about the new visa applicable from 16th Nov.2019. Please correct my understanding if I am wrong.

I still do not understand what you mean by ‘withdrawn’.

If you have an active EOI, the points will change automatically on Nov 16 if you are eligible.

Hi Anil

i have 90 points including spouse points for general accountant role for visa 491. What are the chances of invitation?

Hi Tarun,

You mentioned that you got your skill assessment done for General Accountant. Can you share how you managed to get it done please.