EOI for Australia PR

Hi Anil
We have 70 points for 189 and 75 for 190 . Applied oct 2018. Came to know there are no invites for 70 and 75 nowadays . Could you provide your inputs it is true really ?

What is your ANZSCO code?

It’s 261313 - Software

Hi @Riya

Chances are low for an invite for 261313 with 70/75 points starting July’s reduced quota.

Hi Anil

I need to fill EOI under 189, and under 190 for only 2 states VIC and QLD.
Kindly help me on below queries.

  1. Can I submit more than 1 EOI in parallel?

  2. I see that I can fill and submit under 189 (independent) and 190 (State nomination) in the same EOI. But in this case under 190, I can select either only 1 state or ‘any’. I want to get nomination from 2 states only, select VIC and QLD.
    Can I fill and submit two EOIs in parallel/simultaneously under same account(user ID/pwd) ; one EOI for 189 and 190 (VIC) and second EOI for 190 (QLD)?
    If Not, can I create another account with different User ID/Pwd but with SAME passport details and submit second EOI for 190 (QLD) through this second account?

  3. If I can fill and submit two EOIs in parallel/simultaneously under same account(user ID/pwd), can I get two invites from 190 and 189 both? (assume I score excellent points which are more than good to get invitation under 190 and 189 both)?
    OR is there anything like after getting one invite under 189 or 190, EOI gets into suspended state and no other invites from any visa category can be received until i reject the already received invite?

  4. Do i need to submit my resume for state nomination under 190 class? if Yes, how and from i where i can submit as website did not show any option?

  5. After submitting EOI, how do I modify/edit/update it? I tried withdrawing a dummy submitted from a dummy account in order to modify but after withdrawing, it does not allow me to login and gives an error message stating “The supplied EOI reference number cannot be matched to a username.”

Hi @sudhanshu01

You can create multiple EOI. Each EOI can get an invite independently of each other.

You can also edit an EOI.