EOI Lodgement for 189/190 and Current Visa Expiration

Hi Team,

I lodged my EOI for 189 back in May 2019 with 70 points. Yesterday, I lodged for 190 with 75 points. Trying to increase my points to 80 and 85. (ICT security Specialist)

My visa is expiring 23rd of November 2019. I have few questions regarding my situation.

  1. If I will not get any invitation till my visa expiry and I will be flying on 23rd back to my country, will I still eligible for 190 and continue from overseas?

  2. My partner is staying with me and holding a visitor visa which will also expire on 23rd of November. If I will get invitation during next month’s round, I will be in bringing visa but what will happen with my wife’s visa?

  3. If I will be nominated for the 190 few days before my current visa expiry date, what would be my situation after the expiry? Can I stay here for invitation or have to leave and accept invitation from overseas?

Need some expert advice and thanks in advance. Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes. Your EOI is still valid and you can continue to wait for an invite.
  2. If you and your spouse get an 189 invite, you must lodge the visa application immediately for you both to get a bridging A visa. For 190, you will get a Pre-invite from the state. Once you pay the fee and submit the docs to the state govt, they will verify and nominate you to the federal post which you will get the invite to apply for 190 from DHA through skill select. This is a lengthy process and it wouldn’t happen before your current visa expires.
  3. You have to go back to your home country once your current visa expires and process the 190 visa from offshore
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Hi Hsgc,

Thank you very much for answering my queries. Nicely explained. Much appreciated.


Hi Team,

Now I moved to overseas as my visa was expired on 1.12.2019 as I wanted to lawful always.

  1. Can I continue with my 190 eoi as I can see they have recently updated applicant location information. According to their update, applicant must live in Australia. Fyi, I can still provide documentation of my bank statement and utility bill which can proof of my living ib Australia but I actually dont live there nowadays.

  2. Do I have to update my address in EOI ( Overseas Address)?

Things seem very complex to me, please advice.

Thanks in Advance.

Kind Regards,
Arif Ahmed