EOI wait time question

I submitted my 2 EOIs one for 189 and another for 190. My points are 85 and 90 respectively. I am not currently residing in Australia.

Originally I had my 189 EOI submitted in June 2019 but I updated it again in 2020 while also creating a new EOI for 190. The submitted date for both EOIs now is 31/05/2020 and the code is 261312 (Software Developer)

Are there any chance of getting an invite any time? I heard from some people that Australia is slowly opening up for offshore folks. Is that true?

Also, all I have done so far is to upload all the relevant information in the skillselect website to create a EOI. The statuses for the EOIs are showing “SUBMITTED”. Other than this, do I need to do anything in immi website or somewhere ? Am I missing anything and is that the reason why I have not received any invitation so far?

Kindly help. Thanks

It is opening up but still at a crawling speed. Not sure if they will start giving offshore invitations for now.

You dont have to do anything for now. IMMI ACCOUNT is only for lodgement of visas which you will be doing post receiving an invite on your EOIs.
You are not missing out on anything, just the invitation. :crazy_face:

Wish you all the best!


All you have to do is wait. You have done everything in your capacity… :slight_smile: