Evidence of paid employment for ACS Skills Assessment

I am looking to migrate from the US to Australia. I have previously consulted the checklist of documents and saw degree certificates, passport copy, resume, and work experience letters. But the latest checklist is also saying “evidence of paid employement”. This is asking for 2 types of evidence from below list:

• Official government tax records or documents that may include payment summaries, group
certificates or notices of assessment (citing company and applicant name)
• Payslips citing names of the applicant and employer
• Employment linked insurance/superannuation documents citing the name of the applicant and
• Bank statements showing salary payments from employer (citing applicants name and name of

Is this really required for general skills assessment for Expression of Interest? Or is it only required for certain types of non-general applications? Thanks much in advance!

Hi @arjun_chandra

Salary proofs are now required for ACS assessment. This new requirement has been added by ACS recently in Sep 2019 last week.

Thanks, @Anil.Gupta. So, if I was employed in job #1 from 2012 to 2016, do they need bank statement and tax returns from each of those years? Or will one suffice (for example, a bank statement from June 2014 + tax return from 2015)? Thanks a lot once again.

Two payslips, one from first month and second from last month should work. The same for bank statement.

Hi ,
Do we need form 16 for skill assessment ?

Hi Anil,
I meant, is payment evidence mandatory for skill assessment at ACS ?

Yes @Malini

Payment proof is required preferably salary slips or bank statement or form 16.

HI Anil,
Thank you for your response .Do we need for all the years of service ? I have 14yrs of experience and worked in 3 companies.Can I produce form 16 of the last year in each company as it is difficult to get form 16 or payslips for every year ?

Form 16 should work.

Thank you Anil…just to reiterate, form 16 of the last year of service in each company would help .Am I correct ?

It should be fine along with payslips for current employment (last 3 should work).

Thank you so much !!Appreciate your time .

For acs Rnr, i will be getting a Statutory declaration from a colleague. What are the supporting documents should i provide for the declarant? Will form 16/payslip/offer letter of the colleague work? Any suggestions, as i do not want to put the declarant at risk.

As per September 2019 guideline Below is the note from acs checklist for statutory declaration:
The declarant must provide at least one of the following as evidence of their working relationship with the applicant:
• Employment certificate/statement of service
• Leaving certificate if no longer working at the same company

The evidence that ACS requires is clearly mentioned in two points.
I don’t know if they will accept form 16 is lieu of these documents. You can check with ACS.

Hello Anil,

I am willing to apply for ACS skills assessment.

I have 2 years of work experience, the problem is for the first year, i was paid in cash hence my bank statements shows “cash” and for the second year I was paid by cheque hence my bank statement shows “transfer with cheque number”.

According to ACS guidelines, it says banks statement must show the name of applicant and employer, but my statement doesn’t show this. Kindly help me in understanding how can I prove it?

Hi @Akeebatra

You can submit the payslips and form 16. Your bank statements won’t work if they don’t have the employer name.

Thank you @Anil.Gupta for quick reply. I am from Pakistan so can u explain like what form 16 is? so I can find its alternative in my country?

Kindly reply when you get time.

Form 16 is a tax deducted at source in India.

You may have a similar thing in Pakistan too where Employer gives you a statement of how much tax they deducted and deposited with government. This statement is called ‘form 16’ in India.

I see that ACS has updated their document checklist to prove employment.

  1. Are form 16s for every financial year enough for the first form of proof? Or is it the ITR acknowledgments needed?
  2. I want to submit payslips as second form of proof. i have around 9 years of experience. Should i be submitting payslip for every month of every year? one from every quarter would suffice? (April, July,October, January)