Extend First Arrive By Date for Subclass 143 Parent Contributory Visa

Hi Anil,

My parents have Contributory parent visa Subclass-143.

First Arrive By Entry Date for the visa is 31st October 2020.

I do not want them to travel internationally and get exposed to COVID-19 on international airports due to their age factor being in late 60s.

Can I get a facilitation letter for this reason? Visa is still valid until 31/10/2024.

What are my options?


Use the process as mentioned here to extend the first entry date.

Hi Anil,

My parents will soon be granted Contributory Parents Visa. I was wondering if you know current requirements that they prescribe on entering the country.

Considering current times, i thought they won’t be strict in providing IED, as not even flights are flying in and also there is a long waiting list of people want to come in.

Any information from your ens would be helpful.