Extending B2-Visitor visa beyond 6 months

Hi @Anil.Gupta
My parents are in US and due to some situations we want to extend their stay beyond 6 months. Their 6 months is getting over by Feb 1st week and we want to extend their stay for 3 to 4 months more.

  1. Will applying this extension be any big problem for their future travels if any ? The reason being we are blessed with a baby girl and wanted some support. is this reason a valid one (or) should it be more specific and strong.
  2. I understood that i-539 needs to be applied. So do we need to apply two i-539’s or one i-539 and i-539 supplement (i539a) works ?
  3. I read some where on USCIS Site that , if applied as part of family with i-539 and i-539a, one fee (380$) is enough with individual biometric fee (85$). Please confirm on this. Or does it need to be individual application fee and biometric fee.
  4. If Applied as part of family with One fee is applicable , So i just need to a consolidated check of (380+85+85= 450$) or Individual cheques ?
  5. What address these applications need to be sent. When i check below , it doesn’t mention specifically anything for B2-visitior visa. It says for all other visa , it needs to be sent to Dallas address. So Should i need to send to Dallas address as per this ?

I do not suggest to file B1/B2 extension as it might result in denial and then their visa may also be cancelled. Its a big risk. You choose as to what to do.

The better option is to go out of US and then re-enter.

B1/B2 extension biometric fees is given here.

The address for sending form i539 is given in i539 form instructions on USCIS website. For B1/B2, it is Dallas address.

Hi @Anil.Gupta ,

Considering all the above pros and cons we wanted to apply for B2 Extension for my in-laws only for 2 months. Do we need to send I-134 (Affdavit of Support) as well along with i-539 ?

I am planning to submit below documents. Please advise if i am missing anything. Appreciate if you could respond soon. Their i94 is ending by Feb 5th and is it mandatory that application for renewal need to be sent not less than 45 days i.e in our case by Dec 22 ?

Hi @Koteswara_Devarasett

It is better to apply as early as possible. 45 days is a general guidance.

There is no need to send affidavit of support.