F1 revoked, H4 visa stamping received white form 221g

I am on F1 before but my F1 got revoked so I came back to India in April.

I went to H4 visa interview and there I got 221 g white slip with administrative processing.

Recently I got two emails: one for my Non immigrant visa which I am holding got revoked and after an hour I got an other email for passport submission.

Please suggest do they need my passport for H4 stamp or for F1 cancellation. When I got my email I check my status there is no update on my status.

Hi @Sai17

I don’t know if this passport submission email for stamping or visa cancellation. I cannot guess just by the limited information you have shared.

The chances are high that it is for H4 stamp though.

Hello @Sai17 Could you please update me what happened after you have submitted the passport, and how many days it took for the H4 Administrative processing to get cleared and which consulate have you entered the visa.