F1 to H1B COS denied, form 221g yellow slip from Calgary Canada

Hi Anil,

This is my first H1b (cos denied) F1 to H1.

I went to stamping at Calgary, Canada. Received yellow slip and returned my passport.

I came to india and followed up. They asked for documents, transcripts etc.

Submitted them and after few days received a call from them answered all the officer questions, upon following up asked more documents, petition submitted to USCIS, submitted it.

Last week they sent an email to client, he responded accordingly.

  1. do I have still chances of approval as it’s already been 4 months
  2. if everything went well and my case got approved , do I need to go back to Canada to get it stamped or do I have a option to ship it internationally as I am in india

Hi @sujant123

You have good chance of H1B approval as it seems the process is moving forward.

You will need to go to Canada to submit your passport for H1B visa stamp and collect it too. I don’t think international shipping would be allowed to receive your passport.

Hi Anil ,

They asked me to mail the passport and I travelled to Calgary to send the passport … it’s been 7 working Days I sent my passport to the consulate , no update on my case… will it take longer and can I send a follow up email in this situation …?


Hi @sujant123

Did you mail the passport or submitted directly at embassy?

Normally, it takes only 3-4 days to get it back with visa stamp.

I mailed it as they asked me to mail it using their courier instructions … and it’s been more than 7 working days … can I leave a follow up email ?

Hi @sujant123

Yes, you can send a follow up email to check for current status.