F1 Visa Interview Yellow Form 221g issued - Have B1 visa

Hey Anil,
I had my F-1 Visa interview on 18th July, 2019 at the New Delhi Consulate. The interview went pretty much fair, but in the end I was handed over the Yellow 221g sheet with the details crossed out. The interviewer even took my passport.

Later on the same day, I received an email from the consulate requesting additional documents, which I did on the same day itself.

I would also like to point out that earlier in 2019, I had applied for a B1 Visa to present at and attend a conference, and had to go through a similar processing before eventual approval after about 6 weeks.

Now I am really worried as if it takes that much time I will be late for my college term which starts in about 3 weeks. Is there a chance of my approval getting expedited considering that the processing occurred so recently?

More importantly, I wrote a similar kind of email to the Embassy help desk, and thet responded by informing that the passport is on its way back to me.

However, when I did receive it, it had not Visa stamp on it, but with an instruction sheet asking for documents, exactly like the Email I received.

Does it mean that you have your passport with you at this time and CEAC status shows ‘Admin processing’?

Yes, I have the passport with me and CEAC shows ‘admin processing’. I am kinda worried now.

Hi @Arvind_Ramesh

There is no need to worry as such but the chances are high that your visa stamp may take 6-8 weeks.

You should plan accordingly.

Thanks for the reply, Anil. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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Hello Anil,
I have been studying and playing basketball 3 years in the US. My Visa got stolen so I needed to get a new one. My case was created the 19th of July and had my interview the 25th of July in Madrid, Spain. During this last year in Florida, I got an issue with the police but my charges were dropped, terminated, and dismissed. There’s nothing I can do about that because the case is closed. Once I had my interview they saw that so the lady told me it was pending under administrative processing.
Created case: 19th July
Last Update: 25th July (appointment)
Last Update: 31st July
Last Update: 5th August
Last Update: 8th August

My classes start on the 12th of August and I still do not have an answer. The fact that my case has gotten so many updates is a good sign?
They didn’t give me no 221g form or asked for any documents. However, I have emailed them some paperwork showing how my charges were dropped and dismissed and how the charges are going to be expunged. Do you know how long it can take? I cannot wait anymore! I got a full scholarship to study and play basketball and I do not want to lose this opportunity.

Thank you!

Hi @Valeria4

Did they keep your passport or returned it to you?

They kept my passport and didn’t give me no 211g or asked for any document.

Hi @Valeria4

I think you should be able to get your stamped passport in 7-30 working days.

Hey Anil,
I had my F 1 visa interview at 31st July, 2019. The officer approved my visa and later I got to know that my visa was put under administrative processing. I was not given any 221 g slip. Kindly tell that how much days it will take for my visa to be stamped and come back? Thank you.

Hi @Ahsan_Shakeel

What all was asked in the interview? Have they kept your passport or returned it?

Have you ever visited US before?

Hi @Valeria4
Have you received your passport yet? If yes, how many days after you appeared for the interview?


Hi Anil,

I appeared for my H1B transfer interview in New Delhi on Aug 20 2019. The officer gave me a slip that said "Your case needs additional processing related to SEVIS history before proceeding for approval.

Most SEVIS cases are resolved within two to three weeks from the time of the interview and are not adverse to the visa application.

At this time, you do not need to take any action. You will be contacted once your passport is ready for pickup"

The officer kept my passport and said that it would be ready in a week or so. It has now been over 3 weeks but my case still says “Administrative Processing”. It was last updated September 4th 2019.
I attended school in US for my BS and MS degrees.

Any idea when you think I will be receiving my passport? I was supposed to fly back to US tomorrow but that is not going to happen now.

Appreciate your feedback.


Hi @mohabbat_man

Unfortunately, there is no fixed time that i can share.

In most cases, you do get passport back within 30 working days in India. I hope you get it within this time frame.

Thank you for your response, Anil.

Generally when they keep your passport at the consulate should be a good sign correct?

Also, do they take into consideration the fact that you’re already living and working in the US and you just traveled for your visa and expedite accordingly or do they not care?

Hi @mohabbat_man

We do not know what the US embassy considers or not.
I have seen visa rejection for people who were living for more than 10 years in US and came for first stamping and got stuck.

There is no pattern but keeping the passport is good sign.

Hi Anil,

Still no updates on the case. Last status update on CEAC was Sep 4. Interview was Aug 20. No 221g issued. No additional documents needed. Officer only said that my profile needed SEVIS related additional processing and would take a week or so. Passport is with consulate. It’s been almost 4 weeks now. Starting to get worrying…

Hi @mohabbat_man

There is no need to worry and raise blood pressure. The fact is that you cannot do anything. So, it is better you enjoy your forced extended holiday.

US embassy will take whatever amount of time they want to take. You cannot expedite it.

Delay does not mean that your visa will be denied. If they had to deny, they would have done it right in the interview.

The fact that they are checking something in the background means that they have given a chance to your case and then take a decision.

I know I cannot do anything. I just wanted to ask you if you’ve heard of such cases before where they kept the passport with them and said it would take a week or 3 weeks max but ended up taking longer.

Hi @mohabbat_man

There are hundreds of cases where they keep the passport and result comes after months.

I know people who got result after 14 months of waiting if that can give you motivation to hang on.