F1 visa renewal - guidance required on Interview-Waiver


I am writing this on behalf of my friend. His son had obtained a F1 Visa in 2019, however, at the time of the Visa Interview, he was given a green slip: 221(g). After Administrative processing, his Visa was approved within a month.

While renewing the Visa this year, the website has questions about the Interview-Waiver application. One of them is not clear to my friend’s son. The question on the website is- “Have you ever been refused a Visa before?”. As he was granted a Visa after administrative processing, should he answer “No” or “Yes” to this question?

I look forward to an answer which I can share with my friend and his son.


Answer should be NO as the 221g was overcome by visa approval.

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Thank you for the guidance. Appreciate it. :pray::slightly_smiling_face:. Will share this with my friend. Just curious about one thing, if he does put in “No” and when he drops his visa in the dropbox, can they still call him for the interview. The reason i am checking is that as he had received a 221g his Visa is annotated as Clearance Received. Do let me know. Thanks

IW is at the discretion of the consular officer, so yes they may still call him for interview.


Noted. Thank you :+1: