F1 Visa stamping after cos from H4 to F1

Hi Team,

My wife started her master’s on H4 last year and recently got her h4 to F1 Visa approved while in USA. I had few questions:

  1. Can we get F1 stamping done in Mexico. Currently her passport is stamped for H4 until year end.
  2. If not, should we go now to India to get stamping?
  3. If we don’t go now, we are doing to apply OPT after degree. Is it possible to go after course end which I think will not approved. But please suggest.
  4. Her i94 is expiring by Nov 2020 as by H4 and her F1 got i94 expiry as NS. Do you think that we need to do anything on I-94 or it’s given until 4-5 years of F1 Visa validity ?

Your response is highly appreciated.


Hi @parulsharma292929

You cannot get F1 stamping in Mexico since you were on H4 visa earlier.

You can either go to India or Canada for F1 visa stamping.

There is no need for visa stamping if you do not plan to go out of USA anytime in near future. The change of status approval is sufficient to keep staying in US with new visa type.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,
I have a question. Can I know the reason why we cannot get F1 Stamping in Mexico? My Situation is the same as Parul.

I suggest to read this explanation:

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have gone through the article and i found that they have mentioned about F to H4 Visa regarding mexico. My question is, Is it same for H4 to F visa also?

I think so. Even we haven’t went out to stamp as well. Mexico seems easy option but can get complicated in worst case scenario.

Hello Anil,
My wife’s i94 will expire on Jan 2021 but her F1 is approved now and her i94 on papers say d/s which is standard but on her cbs site, it still reflecting old visa status and expiry when searched for her passport.

Do you think we should get it updated here in local USCIS / cbs office ?

The article clearly says that change of visa type is not allowed in Mexico. I am not sure what else can i suggest.

The paper i94 issued by USCIS is generally not updated online by CBP. You are fine as long as you have the paper i94.


I have applied for a change of status from H4 to F1. I didn’t get approval till now, and the days exceeded the program start date mentioned in my Form I-20.

So, Do I need to request the university send me a new Form I 20 with an updated Program start date?


Yes, the DSO should keep the I-20 updated in the SEVIS and provide a copy to you.

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