F1 visa white form 221g

Hi, my visa type is f1 visa nd my interview was on 21st jan at that time they gave me 221g white letter… I deposited all documents on 24jan… they told me to wait for 10-15days… when i checked online about my passport status … the message showed that my passport is still with embassy… but from last 2 days it shown there is no status update for the passport number submitted…what its mean??? … is something went wrong???

What documents were requested in form 221g and which embassy is it?

US embassy Mumbai.

They requested joint sponsor papers and more evidence of marriage Like wedding card, communication details, joint account details etc

Normally, in these type of cases, they give out result in about 30 days.

Have you also applied for your dependent’s F2 visa?

No… actually my husband Who is PR in usa applied for me

One more question why the status shows that there is no status update for the passport number submitted???

30 days - you mean working days???

I mean 30 calendar days.

Okay… but why they shows the status that there is no status update for the passport number submitted

Hello sir,
Please reply me… Almost 10 days and message still shows that there is no status update available for the passport number submitted… very tensed what is going on

Sir, 30 days have passed but still didn’t get any notification

Hi @Sonammittal

Any specific reason as to why your husband has not applied for your Green card directly? Why have you applied F1 visa instead of green card?

Do you know that F1 visa does not allow ‘immigrant’ intent which is pretty evident in your case as your husband is green card holder.

he applied for my green card… in fact at the time of interview they also said that if my visa approve then u have to pay green card fee
So what are you trying to say i didn’t understand

I am simply trying to say that when you have applied for green card, then why have you applied for F1 study visa?

or you are saying that you filed green card under F1 category?

Are you sure about what type of US visa you have applied for? I am not able to understand what visa you have applied with your explanation.

I filed green card under F1 category… this Visa is applied in 31st may2017

Hi @Sonammittal

Your question was completely wrong.

You have applied for US green card and not F1 visa. F1 visa is for studying in US.

Also, how can your spouse file in F1 category? It should be F2 as per my information.

Are you sure you know what you have filed? There is no fixed time for form 221g cases in green card application category. It can take any amount of time based on the documents.

When was your marriage conducted and where? Did you get married in India?
When did you file your Green card application after marriage? Immediately or waited for some time?

Sorry for the wrong information… you are absolutely right…
My marriage conducted on 9th April 2017 in Punjab India… And we applied for green card application after 1 and half month of our marriage… priority date of our case is 31st May 2017

US embassy is just trying to validate the genuineness of your marriage as per my analysis.

There is no fixed time for these kind of cases. You can only wait.

Okay sir… Thank you for your guidance

Hello sir, i just want to ask one question that on ceac site my status has changed on 5th march…
There is written that a U.S consular officer had adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If u were informed that your case was refused for administrative processing ,your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudicated once such processing is complete…
what it’s mean … Are they trying to say that my case refused again or this one is for the old refusal? As such i didn’t get any mail from them for the reason of refusal from 2 days