F2 to H4 application filing form i539 questions

Hi, I’m on F-2 dependent visa and recently my husband H1 approved so I started application to file my H4. I have few questions on form I539 that I’m using to file for H4 so can someone address the questions please.
Q15.b Expiration date (mm/dd/yyyy)
what should be expiration date ?
Q 16 Select this box if you were granted duration of staus (D/S)
What is duration of status ? should I select the box or not ?
Part 3
Q 2.a Is this application based on an extension or change of status already granted to your spouse, child or parent ? Yes or No options
Should I select Yes or No ?
Q 3.a Is this application based on a separate petition or application to provide your spouse, chile or parent an extension or change of status ?
Options are - Yes, filed with this form I-539 or No
Part 4
Q 14 Have you or any other person included in this application been employed in the US last admitted or granted an extension or change of status
Yes Or No
What should I answer for Q 14 ?

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Pujitha

Check this sample i539 form for H4 visa. It has answers to all your questions with sample form.

Thank you @Anil.Gupta

Hi Pujitha, Now I’m on same boat as filing for COS from F2 to H4 for my wife and son. I reviewed the samples already but those questions you raised were not answered in that link, could you please help if you got any information already and also for the below question.

Q: Part2:3b: Effective date of change?
Should be 10/01 itself right (I’m asking this because 10/01 is already crossed).

Hi @amarm79

You have to give future effective date.

Anil, thanks for your reply. My status changed on 10/01 itself so on what basis I can choose future date for F2 to H4 COS? please suggest…

Hi @amarm79

How did you status change without applying for change of status?

Status does not change until you file it and USCIS approves it.

My employer applied for my COS from F1 - H1 and it was approved status changed on 10/01. There is no issue with my status. My question was only about COS from F2-H4, where I need to mention the effective date of change, as 10/01 already crossed.

Hi @amarm79

I am talking about F2 to H4 status itself. You cannot choose a back date of effect.

You should have applied the F2 to H4 COS along with your H1B.
I suggest you to talk to an attorney as your dependent may not have a legal status at this time if you have already moved on to H1b and if they are still on F2.