F2 visa for a 6 years old child of single parent F1 OPT status with previous rejections

Hello ,

I am currently on F1 OPT and working with a firm in USA. I am single parent and would like to apply F2 visa for my child.

We had earlier applied the F1 and F2 visas together and had three rejections. When I applied for only F1 visa last august, visa interviewer took a word from me that I will not apply for F2.

Now I am actually applying for F2 after an year with changes in circumstances, will it help in approval of my child’s visa ?
What are the hometies I could show to get the visa approved ?

The chances are fair if you want to apply now (if the situation has changed).

But, it seems the visa officer had strong suspicion that you are trying to settle down in US.