Facts for NIW/EB-2 special ability

Hi there,
My NIW/EB-2 application package is already received by USCIS, TX. After 10 days no official tracking number has received. My lawyer selected special ability catagory for me. I am not sure I will be granted. I am from outside of USA.

  1. I have a foreign masters in EEE
  2. No SCI journal but 7 conference, 2 int 5 local
  3. 10 yrs engineering career in Foreign
  4. Not high salary
  5. Only 1 citation in research gate not in google scholar
  6. Member ship but not editor
  7. 3 good depending REF
  8. 1 research topic in national news
  9. Research participition certificates
  10. Salary pay slip has not added in petition.

Let me know the possibility.


Your lawyer must have accessed and reviewed your eligibility and filed.

Dont you think 2 and 6 number points are week?

You need to discuss this with your attorney as they know your case best. The target was acquired, aimed at and the bullet is already fired so there is really no point now asking a question if it will hit the target or not. :slight_smile:

Basically you need 3 evidence out of 6 to qualify under exceptional ability. If you are keen on some details, below is the USCIS policy manual.


Well. My bullet has just fired, it might be or not fullfill the target. Lawyer loves money, even he assured me this profile can win 100%. He wrote in petition that, I have 5 evidance out of 6.

I did see the requirments in your link. I have made petition correction many times but few of them is wrong, those are not mejor I think.

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