Family pressuring me to move back to Australia with different pathways. Any advices?

Hi friends.

Currently I am working in North America as a Software Engineer with 5 years of experience. My family, especially my sister, keeps nagging me to move to Australia for life with different suggestion.

At first she recommended me to apply for 189 visa. After doing the number for 189 visa, I doubt they will invite me as Software Engineer with 80 points (including Community language).

Later on she suggests me to get a job there then apply for 190 visa. Yes, working there for a year will boost my chance for PR with 90 points, but why would I move to Australia to work a Software Engineer? For peanut? Indeed, I will have to share my living space with other people due to lacking compensation.

Finally, she suggests me to apply Global Talent stream. Laugh out loud, as far as I know I won’t get into the game unless I am on principle engineers experience (beyond 10 years of experience).

Now I am doing fine in North American region, so what’s the best way to persuade my family, especially my sister, once again, to shut up and let me enjoy my life in North America?

Thank you