Faster H1B, J Visa for Medical Workers COVID-19 Questions & Answers

Hi Anil,

I am Arun from India, I work as a Clinical researcher where I will work on developing new drugs. I do clinical trials with the drugs that will be released to market. Am I eligible to apply for the above said visa. I did my masters in Pharmaceutical sciences and I work for a Pharma MNC. Can you please shed some light

There are no clear instructions yet as to who is eligible and who is not. I will update the page as when i get more info.

In the mean time, contact the nearest US embassy and see if they allow you to take appointment.

Yes Anil, I tried calling the Hyderabad embassy. But I did not get any required response. All I hear from IVR was regarding biometrics, visa appointment, passport tracking etc… I did not get a chance to speak to any customer care in charge. I thought of sending an email as u mentioned in your post, unfortunately I did not find anything in their website. So how can I proceed now. Can I walk directly to embassy and enquire about this. Can you please help

Give me some time… I will find out more information and share.

It is mid-night in US. Will get some information by tomorrow morning.

Hi, I live in NY and I am an international registered nurse. I saw your information on website about medical professionals get faster emergency visa such as H or J visa to treat Coronavirus.

I called and text a lot of embassy in US and Japan and USCIS but there’s no clear answer from them. If you have more details please let me know. I appreciate your information.

I have tried but state department or US embassy has not shared any other information or process.

Strange that they could not list a process if they really want people to apply.