Father’s name wrong in I-485 application

Hello friends,

I filed my I- 485(Employment based) in October 2020. I became current in July. I was just going through my scanned I-485 application copy received from attorney and then noticed that my father’s name is typed wrong. It is completely different name. What are my options now? I am really worried as it might delay my GC. Can I create any service request with USCIS to correct it? FYI, I already done my biometrics and also received EAD-AP combo card. Please suggest. Thank you.

There are three ways this can be fixed.

  1. Open a service request with USCIS and talk to the agent re: the issue. See if they are able to fix the name in the form based on copy of your passport you attached with I485.

  2. Work with your attorney to send a letter to the address on the I485 receipt (attach a copy of receipt and the proof for you father’s correct name like your birth certificate or passport and mention in the letter the page #, part # and item # on form I485 that the mistake was made. Hopefully it will get corrected in their system.

  3. Wait for USCIS RFE if they catch it during the adjudication process. This may delay the processing of your green card though.


Thank you for the suggestion. Really appreciate. I will follow up with attorney and also talk to agent.