Fedex lost my passport

Hi Guys , I have applied for my passport renewal through vfs. After my status has changed to check the email from fedex for dispatching . I never receive any email /msg form fedex .After so many followup with vfs finally got the tracking number from them. when I was checking the tracking status it was showing pending delivery. I called them to ask why it’s showing pending delivery and shocking news is fedex has lost my passport package and they are asking to claim by shipper . They are asking me to call vfs and vfs is not responding . Am in a very worst situation please help me in this regard what can I do to get my passport again . When it’s not my mistake why I should go through all the mess . Please help me in this . Any suggestions call me at 8609040478

@jani_shaida I am in same situation. FedEx lost my renewed passport along with old passport. I have been talking to VFS and FedEx from 2 days but no use yet. Can you please tell me how did you get your passport back?


I am on the same situation now. What steps did you take to get the passport?


@jani_shaida Did you get you new passport from VFS or fedex found your passport? even fedex lost my son’s passport .past one week i am fighting with fedex but still they are searching my package.