Few doubts regarding passport renewal

1.My Indian passport which is due to expiry sometime this year has my old USA address.While filing the application form at the portal I had selected reason for re-issue of passport as due to expire.I had filled my application with my current USA address as printable address and other address details as Indian address (where my parents are residing).Now While registering at the VFS website, do I Choose Miscellaneous Service as change my Address (as I want my current USA address as printable address) or not?

3.As I said before I have filled my gov application form with my printable address as my residing USA address while my other address details as my Indian address (parents are residing currently).What evidence should I provide here under supporting documents (condition based)? How do I make a self attested copy?

  1. In the checklist its mentioned as HANDWRITTEN DOCUMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. If I fill out the date by hand under my signature in both Annexure E and afidavit for change of appearance and signature, keeping rest in print form.Is that allowed?
  1. Change of address - > Yes as you are changing address
  2. USA address proof as indicated in VFS check list
  3. It is applicable only for main application (online submitted) and any other pre-filled printed form.
    Rest can fill by hand