Few queries related to H1B dropbox appointment

I currently work for a client and plan to visit India and have a H1B dropbox appointment at New Delhi.
It is helpful that ustraveldocs does provide a list of documents that we need to submit at the dropbox appointment. Based on that list, I had few queries related to that for clarity, if anyone can help. Refer the screenshot of the list attached.

  1. Related to “Photocopy of previous I-797 (only if the last visa in the passport and current petition have a gap of more than one year) (applicable for H1, L1Individual)” - My previous visa related I-797 and current I-797 do have a gap of more than one year, But, there is an extra I-797 between them as well. Thus, wondering which “previous” I-797 copy I need to submit? Is the previous I-797 to my current I-797 or the one before that, which is related to my H1B visa stamping?

  2. Related to “Principal applicant’s employment confirmation letter (original/copy) and end client letter from employer/petitioner. (Applicable for H1, H4, L1 Individual, L2)” - Reading online, for my case, my employee provides the employment confirmation letter and client letter should be provided by the client for whom I am currently working for. What I got confused is the sentence mentions both documents “…letter from employer/petitioner.” Thus, literally this is not true, correct? Meaning client letter is given by the client on the client’s letterhead and not employee.

  3. Related to the the employment confirmation letter, some templates are very basic, while some templates mention extra detail, (apart from the basic info, like designation and salaray) like

  • if working at client and which location
  • blurb about the employee company

Is it good to mentions these in the employee confirmation letter or is it better to keep the letter concise.

Thank you!

You may submit all I-797 leading from current up to the one for last visa stamping.

Lot of client companies don’t provide employee specific client letter. In such case your employer can provide the copy of SOW to show the contract with the client that you are working on.

It just depends on your employer and their standard of information that they put in the employment verification letter. If you are going to attach client letter/SOW then it won’t make much difference if you do or do not include information regarding the client/location etc. Check with your HR & immigration lawyer on the format.

Thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for your inputs!
My drop box (at Delhi) is done and visa was issued in 1 week.

My learnings:

  1. I was told switched off mobile and documents only allowed. Incase you have laptop/ bag etc there is Rs. 200 locker option opposite to the drop box office
  2. Client letter from client and you can provide all info as much client is ready to provide per templates available online (as I had a confusion as mentioned in my questions above)
  3. For the I797, I took all I797s and their copies, but surprisingly they did not take the previous I797s (only took my current I797) as there calculation was if there is a 1 year gap in the I797 start date and last/current visa expiry date. It was a little confusing, so I suggest take all to be safe.
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