File ACS reassessment myself - First one was filed by consultant

Hi Anil,
My ACS (263111) was done by consultant in 2017 and it is going to expire this month. Can I apply for re-assessment from my account this time, as I am not satisfied with my consultant work ? Is there option to add previous ACS reference number to the process fast? I just added the updated duty letter from my current employer.

Apart from that, I also applied for different anzsco code but submitted 2 years back duty letter from current employer, due to which my current employer’s experience was not considered. Now I want to submit the fresh duty letter. For this, do I have to pay $500 again? or there is another way to resubmit only this document(duty letter) ?

Hi @Avdhesh

You can file ACS re-assessment yourself. The re-assessment is just like a new assessment and full fees need to be paid.

Hi Anil,

I tried to apply for reassessment but it is not allowing me…

when tried resetting password, getting bellow error

Does this mean that my agent can apply for re-assessment as last time he did with his account. I never created any ACS account. They why I am getting this error?

Hi @Avdhesh

This does mean that your agent has access to this account.

You can create a new account if you want to file yourself. Or you can take your agent services again :slight_smile:

Thanks Anil,

I created new email id and tried to apply in ACS, but got same error.

And if you look at both error message I mentioned, its contrary to each other. The first error says that “this account already used” but the 2nd says “this account does not exist”.

Hi @Avdhesh

I would suggest to contact ACS and ask for help. I think they are checking your passport and then validating the account.

Hi Anil,
You were right. ACS replied asking me to remove the agent. After that they removed it, I was able to login .

One more relevant question, how can I take control of the EOI already submitted by my agent, as they won’t share credentials?

Hi @Avdhesh

I think the same process needs to be done for EOI as well. You have to get agent removed.

Hi, what process did u follow to remove the agent login from your account? How long did it take? Do I need a signature from the old agent? Please explain? Same for EOI also.