File I-485 after changing employer (full time to actual client on the same job)

Hi @anil_am22 , all ,
I have EB2 I-140 approved with my old employer and moved to actual a client as full time just 3 month ago on the same role/job. Now my PD is current after 8 years wait, what are my options now ? I want to use my existing GC process rather than starting a new PERM with current employer

can I file I-485 personally?

Please advise

Your employer will need to provide i485J to prove that they are still ready to offer you the same job.

Thanks Anil for your response and if I understand it correctly the current employer should provide me the I-485 J and I can file I-485 (never done before) and 485-J together with personal attorney

That’s not correct.

Unless you have a pending i485, i485J will not work.
Each employer needs their own PERM and i140 unless i485 is pending for at least 6 months.

Sorry Anil kind of confused now , I referred to your post and suggestion on 485j , if I have new PERM and 140 with new and current employer Why would I need 485J at all? I was thinking that whole post is applicable when changed to new employer on same role, and PD is current and 485 not filed before (switching after 140 approved) please correct me if understood the original post incorrectly

Hi bala,
Did u go ahead and file your i485 yourself and get your new employer to file i485j or did you have to start the gc process all over from scratch with new employer.

I am on the same boat now. Would appreciate any advice

Hi Thiyag,

I’m still trying to go back to previous employer to file, if your previous supports you in case of any RFE, you can file by yourself. I didn’t start new process with current employer yet