File separate EOIs for 189, 190 and 491 visa - Will they interfere?

Hi Anil,

I had 80 points, today I got updated ACS result and now I have 85 points.
I will loose 10 points in the end of May 2020 and will be at 75 points.

  1. Can I apply for 491 visa with ANZSCO Code 261313 (Software Engineer), What can be the chances of invite?
  2. I have already applied for 189, and 190 visa in separate EOIs, can I make a new separate application for 491 visa?
  3. Will 491 eoi impact/interfere with 189 or 190 EOIs in any way?

Thanks a lot…

Hi Anil,

Awaiting your response…

Hi @ForAm22Tech

Some questions do not show up on my list. Is it always better to tag them with my name as @Anil.Gupta so that i do get to see them.

Anyways, you can create a third EOI for 491 visa. It won’t interfere with existing 189 or 190 EOI.

80/85 points is a good score but unfortunately, the current trend shows 90+ points.

I am hopeful that these points will come down by June/July 2020.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I want to file my EOI. Just wanted to know if I should file separate EOIs for each state, 189 and 190 separately. I’ll appreciate your suggestion on this.
Also let me know your thoughts on waiting period of 7-8 months at 80 points (including state) for non prorata application.

Hi @Gaurav

Read above.

As an software tester, Is it correct I will fall under 190 and 491 visa categories? Could you please explain, which visa class is suitable for me.
If i suitable for both visa classes, Can i apply both of them togetherly or separate EOI, which one is best to get invitation.