Files H4 twice due to H1B receipt delays. First H4 approved and second denied. What to do?

I applied H1B, H4 extension for the first time. Got h4 receipt but H1B receipt was never received. After 60 days, we filed H1B extension again in premium. Second H1B application got approved in 1 week. Later we filed H4 extension again thinking the first H4 extension might get struck forever and received receipt for second one too.

Surprisingly, first H4 got approved (Assuming based on the second H1b extension). Later, the first H1B application with documents was returned via fedex without any reason. Also, Second H4 extension was denied. So what should be done? Because the latest H4 was denied, does this mean spouse is out of status or can we still use first H4 extension approval with I94 copy with it?

You should be good as far as one of the H4 application was approved.

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