Filing DS 160 before Marriage for H4 visa application

My Sister is getting married in January 2nd week, 2020, and my would be Brother-in-law is a valid H1 B holder in USA. My sister wanted to go along with her spouse to the USA after marriage in the last week of Dec 2020

DS 160 select “Married” before real Marriage?

As she is getting marriage in January 2nd week, she intends to book slot for VISA Interview for 3rd week of Jan 2020 after obtaining her marriage certificate immediately after her marriage.

As VISA slots may not be available if she starts applying for VISA Interview after her marriage, she wanted to book her slot in Nov 2019. If she fills her details in DS160 in Nov 2019, should she mention as ‘Single’ or ‘Married’.

If she selects as ‘Single’ she cannot have H4 VISA Application completed with the details. Can we select ’ Married’ and show proof of marriage and marriage certificate by 3rd week of Jan 2020 by the time her VISA Interview? Will that be OK

Last working Date in DS 160 for H4

My sister is currently working and would work until Jan 1st week 2020. If she mentions in DS 160 that her present employer details she cannot mention her last working date which is post date to the application filling date. But at the time of VISA Interview she would not be in job and would have got relieved from her employment. Will that be OK?

Please clarify

Hi @Ramamurthy

My suggestion is to wait till real marriage is completed to fill DS160 and file H4 visa application.

We are seeing lot of form 221g being issued as the information you fill on DS160 form is legal information. You cannot lie on the form and then expect to change it at interview time.

Everything is recorded and is considered by US visa officer while taking decision on your application.

Here is what we have seen with H4 visa interview and real marriage form 221g being issued.

You have to very careful as to how you plan. Do not be in hurry as it can really make things worse if a form 221g is issued. You will end up spending more time waiting in India if you try to speed up things.

Rest is your choice.

I have filled ds 160 before my wedding with marital status as Married for my fiance.
What if I have submitted ds 160 and visa and did not yet book the appointment?
Can I correct this? Should I select Other for status and explain like engaged to be married on the following date and take visa appointment after that?