Filing Green Card EAD Approved i140 with previous employer - Trump merit based EO

That’s a great post. Thanks for being on top of the news and helping us give clarity.

Just wondering, i have recently changed jobs and yet to file new PERM. Have my approved i140 with previous employer, which helped me extend h1b beyond 6 years.

Just a thought, if trump let folks with approved i140 file for green card EAD as part of EO, will i be eligible to file with previously approved i140? Or will i miss this temporary window of opportunity? Or can i file PERM and i140 with this current new employer and then apply for i485?

This post might help folks who recently changed jobs.

It’s good to know, i know that everything is speculative at this point.

Thanks @Anil.Gupta really appreciate your answers as always

Nothing can be said before details of EO order are out. Everything is just an assumption.

I will share my opinion once the EO is signed.

As far as the i485 filing rule is concerned, you need the PERM and i140 approved for the Employer who is filing your i485.

So, to answer your question, you will need a new PERM and new i140. Or if you can convince your old Employer to file i485 for you, they can file it using their approved i140.

If anyone in Backlog is hoping it would help in anyways, let’s keep that hope down.

We need to remember that the architect behind this EO is Stephen Miller and he’d make sure EO will be of no use for us.

Dont think trump can change anything via an EO without Congress approval. Executive can not unilaterally decide,. Seems to be more electoral gimmick

Yes path to citizen has to come from congress however giving ead to all that includes DACA and h1b is quite possible with EO.

If Trump issues i485 EADs for i140 approved candidates and merit based system is implemented, does it mean once we get the i485 EAD, we need to qualify for the merit based points to get the green card?

Or the point based system is only applicable for the new green card applicants with new Perm and i140?

Thanks @Anil.Gupta appreciate the response.

Let’s wait and see what happens:) now

Latest on this:

How credible is this source? If it is, does Trump(president) has enough power to adjust immigration proportions like this? We know s386 has to be done through legislation. how about this re-adjustment of immigration numbers? If he can’t have that power, assuming the proposal of EO won’t make any sense(maybe only for election reasons?)

Thanks @Anil.Gupta in advance for the response