First H4 visa from India, Does H1 needs to be stamped with current employer?

Hi Anil,

For a first-time H4 visa from India, does the primary applicant (H1B holder) needs to have their visa stamped with current employer?

I’ve valid visa stamping with my old employer till October 2022, I changed employer in January 2021 and have a valid I-797 through 2024 with new employer.

I recently travelled to India and got married. Can my spouse go for H4 stamping alone while i’m still in India with old employer stamping? I’m planning to avoid new stamping as i’ve valid old stamping and valid new i-797 till end of the year 2022.

Please let me know your thoughts.


There is no need to get a new H1B visa stamp as long as the current one is valid irrespective of the employer.

Your spouse can use your existing valid H1B visa stamp to get her H4 visa stamp.

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Thanks for quick reply @anil_am22

So my spouse can attend H4 visa alone while i’m still in India with old employer H1 visa stamp? We can travel together using my H1 visa with old employer stamp and spouse H4 visa with new employer stamp? Can you please clarify?

Thank You.

Hi @anil_am22

Really appreciate your efforts. Can you please clarify my questions?

Thank You.

Anil already provided the answer. To elaborate, visa is just a travel document and as far as it is valid , no matter the employer, you can use it to travel and enter the US.

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Hi Anil @anil_am22 and Kalpesh @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

My spouse attended H4 visa interview today and received a 221g white slip with “Your application requires additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made” option checked. They kept passport and did not request any additional documents.

VO asked for marriage certificate, wedding album, how wedding happened and where is your spouse located. All of the documents and answers are provided. Then VO gave 221g white slip and asked to goto different counter where they took passport, I797 and DS160, after few mins they returned I797 and kept passport with them.

Could you please provide your thoughts and any inputs on processing times?

It should be cleared soon. The timeline varies for each individual embassy.