First time H1 Transfer

Hi All,
I’m working in USA with H4 EAD for my employer for past 5 months and my employer filed H1B petition & change of status from H4 to H1. I could see that my H1B receipt number got approved last week. I would like to know whether I can switch to any direct client(without EVC model) now or will it create any legal issues in H1 transfer ? Also, can my current employer for whom I have 1st time H1b approved can revoke or create any issues ?


Once on H1B, you may change employer any time, no issues.

Normally once your H1B transfer is approved and you join new employer, your existing employer will need to withdraw H1B by law amd this does not impact your H1B.
Your current employer will never know that you did a change of employer until you resign.

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