First time H1B visa stamping interview waiver

My original H1B was approved with employer A in Oct 2020. I changed my employer and my H1B transferred to employer B in Aug 2021. Before getting an H1B visa, I was on an F1 visa. I was refused an F1 visa (221g) before. I need to visit India for my first time H1B visa stamping. I am filing a visa stamping application on CGI federal website, It’s asking “Have you ever been refused a visa before?” I am confused here whether it’s asking for H1B visa refusal or any kind of visa refusal.
Since I was refused an F1 visa before, so not sure what to answer here yes or no?

Screenshot from 2022-01-02 00-05-13

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Was your F1 denied completely? Or it was only 221g and then later the visa was issued once 221g processing was completed?

@anil_am22 I had an F1 visa interview in 2011, and I was issued 221g. I didn’t reapply for an F1 visa at that time. I applied again in 2016 for an F1 visa and it was granted.

What was written on form 221g? It is important to know if it was denied for some reason or you assumed it was denied as 221g can mean multiple things.

@anil_am22 sorry for the confusion here it was 214(b),

attached is the 214(b) slip

@anil_am22 tagging you, if you missed my previous message.

ok…this shows that your F1 visa was denied with 214(b).

You should answer ‘yes’ to ‘any visa was denied earlier’ question.

@anil_am22 sharing information after completing the application for the first time H1B stamping application. After I select yes, I was asked two more questions and approved for an interview waiver.

@mmgehlot I fall under the similar category, my b1/b2 was rejected and granted the following year (current visa)

Now, I’m applying for F1 would you think I’ll be eligible for interview waiver. And if you don’t mind could you share the final two queries asked post the rejection question.