First time H4 EAD and interfile due to travel

My wife H4 ead is pending and we went to india and come back with H1 & h4 stamping. Now i want to send latest i94 which is valid till 2024 june to support h4 ead case.

I am planning to interfile H4 Ead with new supporting docs before they issue RFE. My wife case start with WAC and H1 reciept start with SRC.

My question is here is where do I have to send the docs. As per USCIS it showing for principal h1 reciept with SRC have to send Pheonix ofc and but H4 EAD is pending with California Service Center as h4 ead case start with WAC. Can you clarify me on this asap and also how do we know once we send docs whether they have accepted our docs or not ?

My suggestion is to send it to the service center which issued the H4 EAD receipt i.e. California.

There is no way to know if they accepted your interfile. Its an informal process and they may or may not accept it.

They won’t send any acknowledgement or receipt either.

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Thank you @anil_am22 . Can you please provide me the mailing address to send the documents?
when I googled, I have got this below address for USCIS California Service Center:

24000 Avila Rd,
Laguna Niguel,
CA 92677
is it the correct one or not? if not please help me with the mailing address for H4 EAD.

The address is printed on the receipt notice.

Quick update, my spouse h4 ead approved before interfile.

Hi Ricky, in how many days did your COS (I-539) application processed, did you filed online or paper application. Thanks

Our case is not COS. Its just h4 EAD. It took 7 months for approval