Fix father name with Indian passport renewal

I am in the process of renewing my passport under Tatkal service

Here are 2 changes that i am looking to get it done apart from getting passport renewal

a) I am looking to add my spouse name to the passport
b) On the last page of my passport, my father surname is missing in his name, so i am looking to add surname to my father name

While I was filling up the form at CKGIS website, I selected check mark to indicate that I would like to add my Spouse name, having said that it does not give an option where i can indicate that i also would like to do my father name on last page of my passport.

On the CKGIS Application form, on the 2nd page, it says to keep details like Father, mother and spouse name the same as it is today in the passport

This is where i am confused and I would like to confirm:

a) if i should specify my father name on CKGIS website the same way it is today on my current passport and just fill the modified details (His full name including surname ) ONLY on Government website ?

b) Also, how about specifying Spouse name on CKGIS website, should i keep it blank on CKGIS website, because my current passport doesn’t have my spouse name … and then potentially put the spouse name ONLY on Government Website ?

Appreciate, if someone can let me know, since this is urgent and i have sent an email and left a vm for them but so far no response.

@Anil.Gupta Could you please respond on this. I see you have a wealth of knowledge on Passport renewals.

I don’t know how to fix father’s name on passport. You should ask CKGS on how to do it.

Thanks @anil_am22 for your response.

Would you say that CKGIS form is primarily to indicate the current information on passport where as the government form is to indicate “To-be” information?

hi @Neeraj_Vasudeva, I am in the same boat. Would adding a surname to father’s name in the passport be eligible for tatkal service?

Hi @vik_kumar
I took the opportunity to add father surname during my passport renewal under normal processing.

Even though i applied under normal processing i believe the renewed passport came in less than 2 weeks.

I am not sure what your situation is? Is your passport also expired?
Is there a specific reason for you to add his surname? In my case I did it just for the peace of mind. There was no reason.


Hi @Neeraj_Vasudeva

Thanks for the quick response.

Yes, my passport is also expired. There is no specific reason, but wanted to add it correctly on my passport. But now I think, its better to keep as-is (same as the old passport) and apply under tatkal as mine is expired.

I hope there are no processing delays due to covid.

Hi @vik_kumar

So here’s the thing, when i applied last year in November, COVID was still at it’s peak and i still got it.
The only bad experience that i had was that there was no one to answer questions from customer care.

If you still want to get it done, then go for it , but just be prepare to provide additional proof like copy of your father’s id proof etc.