FOIA of I485 has Lawful Permanent Resident date but no GC

Hi there,
This is regarding my I485 filed in May 2022 when the dates were current. PD-June-14.
I have received a response to my FOIA request for I485 and the scan copy of the first page is below.
It says,
Preference Category -E37 (EB2 I believe)
Priority Date - 6/6/14
Country - India
Date I693 Received - 11/13/22
Interview Waiver - yes
Lawful Permanent Resident as of - 12/10/22

  1. My date was current until Sep-2022 when the visas got exhausted.
  2. I got my EAD/AP last Sep-2022
  3. Current status of 485 is “Case Remains Pending”

Not sure what does this mean? And will it be beneficial in any way? —>
"Lawful Permanent Resident as of - 12/9/22 What are the chances that the visa number was pulled before the Sep-22?
Any hopes/chance that we can work to get the LPR/GC?
And what will be the process?
Can Lawful Permanent Resident as of - 12/9/22 be valid for the Naturalization process or other benefits?

Did you ever got your green card physical copy?
Why did you file FOIA?

Unfortunately not received GC.
I raised FOIA to see the whole packet sent to uscis, just to have a proof of what was sent and found out this surprising thing.

Raised a service request for missing documents as I moved to another location.

Does this Lawful Resident date be useful for Naturalization?

@contactmebygemail Your interview was waived, and you now have evidence that you were granted LPR status. Your next move is to get the physical green card. You can submit an e-request to USCIS or chat with the virtual assistant Emma to inform that you have still not received your green card. I think you can upload evidence when you do the e-request. Yes, the Dec 9, 2022 date is what you would use to start your countdown to citizenship. Good luck! #imnotalawyer

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This is interesting.

I would also suggest the same as @Donna_B-right or better option would be connect with an attorney and then take further action.

You may have got the green card (low chance though). It could be an error from USCIS which they will disown easily.

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@contactmebygemail Here is the link for USCIS e-request about non-delivery of card…;jsessionid=EC53B862A5238240E017151D3E0FEB83?sroPageType=ndc&entryPoint=init
You can copy and paste the approved LPR status (FOIA response) into the section where it asks for “Last Action Taken on your Case”.
If no positive response within the expected timeframe (usually it will state this), then you can contact
The CIS Ombudsman typically responds within a month, failing which you can then seek a lawyer!!
These are tools the lawyer would use too! I would try them first @anil_am22 .

Thank you so much!
Will raise a SR for the card.