Forgetting to superscribe on FedEx envelope


Is forgetting to super scribe “Re-Issuance of Passport” on my vfs approved FEDEX package envelope have any repercussions?
Will this affect in any wrong delivery of the package to the wrong department?

Has anyone had any experience with this?
NOTE: package is headed to the NY vfs center


I don’t think it will cause any issue.

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No issues whatsoever. Even I didn’t write on my envelope…received passport with a week (tatkal)


Forgot to superscribe the envelope/documents as “TATKAL - PASSPORT APPLICATION” as mentioned in the guidelines of the passport application. I have paid the fee for Tatkal. Will my application be processed as normal? Is there something I can do now to inform them? Call them or tweet or anything else?

Tatkal. I forgot to do the same but received my new passport soon.