Form 221g - Client letter with Client Corporate Tax Returns Requested

Hi Anil,

This is Roshan. I recently traveled to India for my sister’s wedding. I went to the consulate to get H1B Visa stamped on passport. They issued 221g and returned my passport. Asking for full project description, recent end client letter and 2017 and 2018 corporate tax returns of the client.

The client is not willing to share the tax returns. What are my options now? How should I approach this case?

Hi Roshan,

The client can send the corporate tax returns directly to US embassy if they cannot share it with you.

There is no other way to circumvent this request if the visa officer has requested it.

Do you work for a publicly known client or a small company?

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your response. It’s a start up kinda of a company. The client is not willing to share the tax details with anybody. I received an email from the client that they cannot share Tax returns as it’s against their company’s policy. Can I submit the other two documents the VO requested for and send a screenshot of the email that I received from client refusing to share Tax returns?

Kindly let me know what can be done about this


Looks like that’s the only option you have if client is not sharing any documents.

As i suspected, visa officer has doubts on the company’s financials and its business.

what are the odds of getting the petition approved in this situation where the client is not willing to provide the tax docs?

Would it create any further complications?

Odds are offcourse low if you cannot share what visa officer is asking for.

I don’t know what and how the visa officer will react and if they will ask for any further documentation.

What would they do if it’s rejected? What will happen to the approved i-797? Will I be subject to cap or would I still be cap-exempt?
Would they revoke the visa? Will this case spoil my future prospects?

Hi @Roshan_Pranay

Anything can happen.

Visa officer can send the H1B i797 to USCIS and request revocation.

If USCIS revokes H1B and this is your first lottery selected H1B, then, yes, you will have to apply for new H1B in lottery again.

What do you suggest? Can I let this case go and change my employer if that’s the case with revocation because you know going through the lottery is a hell of a process?

How do you plan to let this case go?

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