Form 221g issued at Delhi consulate for H1B stamping after promotion to managerial role

HI Anil.Gupta

I had visa interview on 1st May at Delhi. I am working for direct employer to employee engagement in a company in US. I was handed over 221 g and asked to submit original LCA , cover letter etc. , W2, Paystubs and List of all employees in companies with their start / end date and their salaries.

My lawyer decided to withdraw the visa stamping and go ahead with H1B amendment. Since I was promoted to higher role ; they mentioned they overlooked filing new LCA and H1B amendment petition for managerial role with new salary details. They will pull back current 221G and go for new appointment once H1B amendment is approved. ( Expecting end of May with premium processing in case of no RFE)

Do you think this is right step to follow ? Can there be RFE if it is same company but only scenario of promotion ?

With current visa wait time of 8 weeks in India ; do you think if company is able to explain the need of urgent travel what are the chances of getting earlier appointment dates ?

The chance of getting earlier appointment date looks bleak unless you have any kind of medical emergency.

Your company has identified the possible problem and they are working on rectifying it. That’s the better way to go about it instead of getting a denial with current form 221g.

Do not worry. You will be fine.

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