Form G-28 Was Rejected

Hi All, I have filled H4-EAD extension to my wife by myself with out attorney by submitting two documents (I-765,G-28) to USCIS, After one week i got update as below.

“We rejected your Form G-28, Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative, Receipt Number WAC2390005953, because it was not filed correctly. If you wish to be represented, please contact your attorney or accredited representative to submit a new Form G-28 to the USCIS location where your case is pending.”

Please help me what is my next steps on this RFE, Should i need to respond this RFE with the attorney? Or i can respond individually means what should i reply to USCIS for this RFE?
Note: I get to know after receiving this RFE, If we are filling individually for H4-EAD extension no need to submit the G-28 form only I-765 is enough.

I think you have got the rejection notice for G-28 and not an RFE.

Does it ask you to respond? If not, then you are fine if they have accepted the i-765.

Hi Anil, Thanks for the reply. Yes it was mentioned “respond with corrected G-28 form till that case is pending”.

Should i need to respond to USCIS that i have filled individually not with the attorney?If yes means do you have any mail formats to respond USCIS for this type of case.

I am not having update that I-766 is processing parallely even though this G-28 form got rejected.