Future dated H4 and H4 EAD question

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I am currently on H1b status. My H1b status is expiring in a month. We applied for H1B-H4 COS along with H4 EAD application six months before my H1b expiration date. H4 COS with future effective date has been approved by USCIS; but EAD application is still pending. I tried raising expedite requests but they were denied. I have below questions.

  1. Do I have to be in H4 Status for my EAD to be approved?
  2. Since H4 with future date is already approved, USCIS may approve my EAD application with future effective date?

Please assist.


They can approve with future start date if requested in form I-765.

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Hello @tombradyfan I am in similar boat as you, I need to apply COS from F1 to H-4 and also plan to apply EAD together. DO you know how long it took for you to get the approval for EAD and H-4.

Hi Jack453,
I m also in the same situation. Did u apply h4 and h4ead in parallel. Did u get ur EAD?